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Forest certification for ecosystem services towards achieving the synergy between biodiversity conservation and sustainable forest use in tropical forests Forest Ecology Lab., Kyoto University

Ecosystem Services Certification


Ecosystem services in Tropical forests

Tropical forests have important roles to conserve biodiversity and store carbon in trees to mitigate global warming, in addition to supplying timber and fibers. Such benefits from forests are the ecosystem services.

Ecosystem services in Tropical forests Forest ecosystem services are essential to sustain our society.
We need to maintain forests.

Rich animals live in this forest even after logging.

Rich animals live in this forest even after logging.

What is the forest certification for ecosystem services?

It is a new system to certify the forests that maintain rich ecosystem services.
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) started this new system.
It became possible for us to support certified forests through the following processes.

  1. ① Adding a premium on certified products
  2. ② Payment to certified ecosystem services
What is the forest certification for ecosystem services?

Expected to curb tropical deforestation

Tropical forests harbor rich biodiversity and carbon. However, tropical forests are disappearing at an alarming rate due to unregulated land uses such as oil palm developments. Income from oil palm is nearly ten times of the income of sustainable forestry.

It is important to financially support foresters who sustainably manage tropical forests and maintain forest ecosystem services, which will eventually help curbing down the tropical deforestation.

What is sustainable forestry?

It is a method to maintain forests and produce timber while safeguarding environments and society.
Reduced-impact logging is used for selectively harvesting commercial trees only.
Endangered animals can thrive in such sustainably managed forests and a high amount of carbon stock is maintained.

>What is sustainable forestry?

This is the picture of a forest in PT. Ratah Timber, East Kalimantan, Indonesia, after the third entry of logging. The third entry means that logging was repeated at long intervals for 3 times. Forest trees are still preserved relatively well thanks to the responsible management of the company.

>What is sustainable forestry? I am expecting that the forest certification for ecosystem service can help responsible foresters.